Episode 2: A chat with Lucy d’Auvergne about complicated Border Collies and Therapeutic Scentwork

May 03, 2022
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My first guest! I’m excited to bring you the knowledge and kindness of my friend Lucy to your ears!
In this episode we talk about Border Collies, our passion, starting from Lucy immense experience with her own rescue Border Collies and how her Therapeutic Scentwork is going to help anxious and complicated dogs!

WHAT IS THERAPEUTIC SCENTWORK? In therapeutic scentwork we’re using a dog’s natural abilities in a non-forced way to support their mental wellbeing. It’s about reducing stress and building optimism and confidence in a really natural way It differs from other forms of nose-work in that it’s less formally structured than scent detection, tracking or competitive scentwork. Confidence building can be a fantastic by-product of all types of nose-work – it all allows dogs to be more ‘dog’ in the most fundamental way… Therapeutic scentwork takes sniffing in a slightly different direction in that we are primarily using sniffing to support and nurture the emotional needs of our dogs in a completely dog-led, individual way, within a loose structure.”

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If after the episode you want to learn more, Lucy has as webinar you can buy to learn more!

Therapeutic Scentwork for Every Dog (Pre-recorded webinar – view on demand)

Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed talking to Lucy!

Episode 2

Martina Miradoli Border Coolie Expert Dog trainer

Hello, my name is Martina Miradoli and I specialise in training Border Collies.

I’ve owned Border Collies for many years and have trained them, along with other herding breeds in every sport and activity available.

This has allowed me to gain invaluable experience and an understanding of these unique dogs and the behavioural challenges that we may have to face as owners. 

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