Preventing Livestock Chasing and Worrying for Dogs in Lancashire

Webinars, classes and 1:1 sessions helping owners and ALL breeds of dogs.

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Are you worried about your dog’s behavior around livestock? Look no further! Our comprehensive Ignoring Livestock Training Program in Lancashire is here to equip you and your dog with the skills needed to navigate encounters with sheep and other livestock confidently.

Are you concerned that your dog might pull you around when you’re near sheep or other livestock?

Do you worry that your dog’s recall isn’t strong enough, especially around distractions like grazing sheep and cows?

Are you unsure how to handle your young dog when taking a walk-in sheep-rich areas? If so, our training programme is perfect for you!

What We Offer

We provide a tailored training plan designed to address common issues such as livestock worrying, sheep chasing, and livestock avoidance. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

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Swift Recall: Teach your dog to come back to you swiftly, even in the presence of moving livestock.

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Livestock Ignoring: Equip your dog with the skill to ignore grazing sheep, cows, and horses, allowing for peaceful walks in rural areas.

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Impulse Control Techniques: Learn how to improve your dog's impulse control using engaging play-based methods.

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Prey Drive Redirection: Redirect your dog's prey drive towards you, ensuring they focus on you instead of the environment.

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Understanding Livestock Welfare: Gain insights into livestock welfare and your dog's needs, ensuring that predators and prey can coexist in the same environment.

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Dogs Today magazine feature.

Martina was the expert answering the question ‘How can a dog be safe around livestock?’
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Practical Training:

Experience hands-on training with real sheep! Our friendly flock will make it possible to approach sheep in a safe way to practise the training exercises, ensuring practical and effective learning.


Whether you prefer a group workshop or one-on-one sessions, we offer flexible options to suit your needs. Regular practice with the presence of sheep is essential for the success of your dog’s training journey. After the workshop, we’ll schedule follow-up classes to provide ongoing support and practice opportunities.

Important Note:

Please note that our workshop is not to rehabilitate or punish dogs that have already chased or bitten livestock. Safety is our top priority, and dogs will not be off-leash around sheep during training sessions. We prioritize the well-being of both dogs and livestock, providing a safe environment for effective training.

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The venue is our working farm is located in Over Wyresdale, Lancashire. Exact details will be provided via email upon booking.

Don’t let livestock-related worries hold you back from enjoying walks with your dog.

Join us for Livestock Training Workshop, Classes and One to One today and start your journey towards confident and safe encounters with livestock.