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Pattern Games: the power of predictable repetitions WEBINAR

Patter Games, making training predictable for your reactive dog What are pattern games? They are a great invention for the dog training world: a chain of simple behaviours that repeat over and over again, without asking the dog any performance. They are easy for the dogs and easy for the handler and this is why […]


Scentwork Workshop

Scentwork is the ideal way to tire a dog out, produce happy hormones that can contrast stress and anxiety, to help fearful dogs with confidence in new environments and to develop better skills in reading your dog body language. Would you like to learn something new with your dog? Do you have a dog that […]


LAT: to transform your dog from a reactor to a reporter WEBINAR

What Leslie says about LAT is that is a way to make your dog a reporter. Through LAT training we can teach your dog to offer disengagement from things that in the environment would make them react instead. Big negative or out of control emotions make your dog loose control and the behaviour that comes […]