Dog Training for Border collies

With Martina Miradoli

Border collie specialist
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With Martina Miradoli

In person and online specialist dog training & behaviour for your Border Collie!

The amazing Border Collie is a hard-working, intelligent and active, herding breed that needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

If you have a Border Collie as a pet or are considering getting one in the future then it’s important to know how best to engage them mentally and physically for anxiety free dog ownership

Training with me, a breed specialist will help you to better understand your Border Collie and avoid some of the common negative breed behaviors that can occur.

The programme I have developed uses positive re-enforcement, ethical and scientific up to date methods which will show you how to manage your Collie with confidence.

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I use only positive, ethical and scientific up to date methods and techniques including Leslie McDevitt Control Unleashed program, being one of a small group of Certified Instructors in the UK.

With my continued personal support I’ll give you the motivation and skills to succeed.

What do you need help with today?

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Dog Training

Being a specialist Border Collie Trainer I understand their brains and how they think, making me successful in preventing problems before they even occur.

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Puppy Training

Everything Border Collie puppy from toilet training, chewing, recall, nipping, socialisation, hyper energy, crate training and more. Helping to prevent problems before they begin!

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Having trouble with recall, lead walking chewing furniture or over-excitement? Take action now to fix these common Border Collie issues and be embarrassed no more!

The Collie Eye free webinar

Happy Clients

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“Our Border Collie Javier had strong reactivity to cars, bikes and joggers so we signed up for Martina’s 12 week boot camp.

It was absolutely brilliant. Her advice on the basics with Border Collies was a real eye-opener.

She taught us different games and tricks to keep Javi focused on us and was so knowledgeable on how a Border Collie thinks.

Javi is a million times better now although we are still working on training with him as this is an ongoing program.

However, Martina has equipped us for the future and we couldn’t be happier.”

– Jo Gunning

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About Martina Miradoli help with your border collie puppy

Collie Club – The Online Academy

Ready to train your Border collie to their fullest potential?

The Online Academy will give you access to all the learning and secrets to get you through to your dog’s brain, so you can train them to be the brilliant Border Collie you know they can be.

Academy member Julie says

For any one struggling with various border collie issues I strongly recommend joining us in the academy.

I’m learning so much about my dog and starting to understand his emotions and consequently his behaviours. It has helped me massively. Martina Miradoli has a lovely friendly approach and is very good with answering so many questions that I and others have thrown her way.

Very different (in a positive way) to any kind of help I have experienced in the past, she truly knows so much about the breed.”

Based on 14 reviews
David Tapley
David Tapley
Martina helped us with Hamish a Welsh Collie farm dog.
ben smith
ben smith
I wish I had found Martina sooner. I have a reactive border collie which I have had from a puppy. If I had worked with Martina from day one I dare to say some of the reactivity issues I now face we could have nipped in the bud before they became a problem. That said we have been working hard on training following Martina's guidance, we have made more progress in the last few months than we did the previous 6 without Martina's help. I can't recommend her enough.
Annie Simpson
Annie Simpson
I found Martina and That’ll Do Academy through her podcast Border Collie Geek; I live in the US, but the Collie Club has helped me infinitely with my reactive-to-wildlife border collie Flora. I am learning so much through her instruction, other members’ experience, and also through watching the wealth of online training modules and webinars. I couldn’t have done this without That’ll Do Academy!, it helps infinitely to understand your puppy through the perspective of their breed, and to learn management that integrates well into your daily life.
tedi rhodes
tedi rhodes
I was recommended Martina’s training academy from a friend, after I had said that I needed a + reinforcement coach. I have now been working with Martina online now for nearly a year. She has helped my border collie immensely. She has a wealth of knowledge, experience and an exceptionally understanding nature for this breed. This is so important when dealing with a breed that is very sensitive, and that needs multiple ways to help them from puppies to old dogs, from every stage of their development .My dog, has had multiple operations, which led to chronic anxiety, dog aggression, fear aggression and poor recall. Her online academy has helped immensely, and I now have a dog that is becoming more confident, our recall is so much stronger, and I have an all round happier dog, thanks to her support, knowledge and training chapters. Couldn’t recommend her enough!
Laura Robinson
Laura Robinson
I’ve been part of Martina’s online collie club for 2 years now and couldn’t be without it. I joined after having a hard time with my adolescence collie, initially to work on his recall (which is now perfect!) but have stayed as the community and training modules are something I still use daily.
Dolores Palmer
Dolores Palmer
Massive thanks to That'll Do Academy; I'm so glad I found you. Thanks to you I have a better understanding of my collie. The training you provide has turned my wild collie chasing after anything with wheels, (in fact anything that moved with a little bit of speed), into a lovely calm collie. I love all the variety your academy provides, so much, its well worth the money.
Paige Weyman
Paige Weyman
myself and my mum participated in weekly behavioural and training sessions with martina, to work on various issues that aster, our dog, displayed in his behaviour. without Martinas guidance over the last year (give or take a couple of months), we wouldn't have developed the trusting, understanding and in tune relationship we now have with aster. the training we have done together has been unforgettable. and we owe Martina so much because with her support, we learned to communicate with aster.
Rachel Honeywell
Rachel Honeywell
I really enjoy our training sessions with Martina, and always come away with something positive to work on. As well as providing helpful tips and techniques, she’s very supportive, encouraging and understanding, with an excellent knowledge of those special collie behaviours and quirks. As a member of her online collie club, I also have access to an array of exercises and examples, as well as additional support, plus the benefit of sharing and learning from others’ training challenges and successes too.
Jennifer Maloney
Jennifer Maloney
We’ve had a fantastic experience with Martina! We did the 8week herder boot camp and it’s the best money we’ve ever spent. Our rescue dog Bear is coming on in leaps and bounds! Martina has given us so much information to help us reach our goals. Bear absolutely loves training! Most importantly, Martina immediately noticed Bear has an issue with his hips; we may not have realised on our own. We can now get this dealt with and tailor our training and lifestyle to accommodate his issues. We will be continuing our training with Martina as soon as we have caught up. Be prepared to put the time and effort in; it’s so worth it! Thanks Martina:-)
Catherine Marlow
Catherine Marlow
I have trained with Martina for three years with my nervous/anxious border collie, completing puppy traing KCGC bronze and silver, agility and presently FCI obedience. Through Martina I understand him and am able to help him. Everything is explained in an understandable way. Martina also understands you as the owner. Martona's dedication is an inspiration.

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Ready to get some help with your Border Collie?

Everyone's dog and situation is different - I'm always happy to chat and advise on which of my services would most help you.

If you are interested in working with me, online or face to face, the best way to reach out for help is to fill in the form on the contact page and I will get back to you.