Puppy Training

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Congratulations on your puppy!

You are about to embark on the most rewarding and at times, challenging journey of a lifetime.

Puppies can be difficult to train but with patience and dedication, you will succeed!

Let me help you with; 

Toilet training

Crate training

Puppy mouthing & biting

Focus & attention training

Recall training

Loose lead walking

Working together I can show you how to;

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Understand your puppy’s needs based on the breed temperament

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Prevent negative breed typical behaviours

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To formulate an appropriate programme to keep your puppy entertained

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Socialise your Border Collie puppy the correct way

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Help you prevent lead reactivity to other dogs and moving objects

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To give your puppy direction and purpose to prevent destructive behaviour


You will still get your homework at the end of the session to remind you what we have done with a Trello link.

You can reach me to ask me a question during the week before you see me again.

If your life is busy and you know you won’t have time to watch online content and video your training, this is the programme for you.

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Have a pre booking question?

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New Pre Puppy Service

Are you getting a Border Collie puppy but you feel overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start?

You don’t have to panic or feel alone, we can help!

All of your questions answered including:


Am I doing the right thing about getting a Border Collie?


I'm thinking of getting a second puppy, how should I introduce them?


Using a crate, yes or no?


What to feed, where and how many times?


When to start training?


Which are the best toys?


Do I buy a harness or a lead?


Do I use puppy pads for toilet training?


How many times do I take puppy out?


Should I let puppy off the lead straight away?


What are the first training exercises to teach a puppy?


How do I avoid the puppy to chew us and the house?

And so many more that we can go on all day… we CAN HELP!

We offer a PRE PUPPY consultation Zoom call with us and access to an online course ‘The First 10 Days with your puppy’ which is full of useful links and videos!

Choose from two options:

Express puppy call.

A 2 hour call as a one off with everything included in the above list.


bundle pre puppy call.

A 2 hour call, plus a follow up call 3 weeks later once your puppy is at home.

A full month of support from me via email and WhatsApp.


Happy Clients

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“I would highly recommend That’ll Do Academy.

Our dog has improved massively with his recall over the last 8 weeks.

All instructions were given in small easy to follow steps and all advice given made perfect sense.”

– Jamie Brookshaw

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Ready to get some help with your Border Collie?

Everyone's dog and situation is different - I'm always happy to chat and advise on which of my services would most help you.

If you are interested in working with me, online or face to face, the best way to reach out for help is to fill in the form on the contact page and I will get back to you.