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I’ve been part of Martina’s online collie club for 2 years now and couldn’t be without it. I joined after having a hard time with my adolescence collie, initially to work on his recall (which is now perfect!) but have stayed as the community and training modules are something I still use daily.
Laura Robinson

Are you a Border Collie owner who wants to learn how to better control their wild herder?

Have you tried lots of training tips online, maybe done some classes, but nothing’s working to calm your Collie?

Are you being dragged around because your crazy Collie just wants to chase everything?

You dream of stress-free, lead-free walks where you’re sure your dog will come back to you when called, without chasing that squirrel, the birds or the jogger flying past?

Having a Border Collie is not always the dream journey you’re expecting, it’s a full-time job with extra time!

I know it very well, as I’ve a been there myself…

My dream dog Moss was my wake-up call, that not all Border Collies are easy to train, motivated and willing to please, just because they make them look like that on TV.

I’ve dreamed about Moss all my life, and when he arrived in 2010, all my plans and dreams had to take a break. I had to learn how to cope with his anxiety, frustration and need to chase things!

I went through many training methods and learned from many trainers, until I managed to find what works best for a Border Collie hot head.

The method I developed is a mix of all the learning I’ve absorbed through sport training, behaviour modification training, herding training and most importantly, Control Unleashed from Leslie McDevitt.

martina miradoli online membership for border collie owners

The Border Collie brain works in a different way from “other dogs”, and it’s when you finally understand it that you can achieve the results you’re dreaming about!

Since deciding to specialise in teaching only Border Collies and similar herding breeds, I’ve had enquiries from every part of the world.

But because I don’t have time to add more One to One hours to my schedule, I’ve created an online support program that’ll make it possible for me to support many more Collie owners through an online platform.

Here’s what my Border Collie clients are saying about working with me…

I can recommend Martina Miradoli training very very highly. I have also joined Collie Club and I can honestly say my Ozzy is making progress I wouldn’t have believed possible 🤎

Emma Jane Tunley

When we got our border collie puppy we couldn’t cope with his reactivity to everything.

He hated cars , bikes , joggers, pranks. Anything that moved and he would bite our legs in frustration. Chewed and scratched everything in the house(we’re still redecorating) and constantly wanted to chew the whole family. And resource guarding to the point where we were quite frightened of him.

There were times I didn’t think we would be able to keep him. Then Martina was recommended to us and we’ve never looked back. Yes it took a while and lots of practice but Martina gave us guidance and encouragement. Bruno is now almost 2 and very much part of our family. We can walk on roads or footpaths without fear and even no longer have to offer treats whenever a car is coming (he still can’t resist barking at the bin lorry or horses, but it’s getting better and he doesn’t look like he wants to attack them anymore).

Without Martina I know we wouldn’t have reached this point. Thank you

Sian Evans

Is this the right programme for you? Let’s see…

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Do you have a Border Collie puppy and want to avoid unwanted behaviours?

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Do you want the best training for recall, lead walking and listening?

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Are you struggling as your dog is pulling and not focusing on you on the lead?

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Do you have a chaser of cars/joggers/runners?

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Is your dog easily distracted and excited?

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Are you an owner that gets anxious to enrol in any training, as you don’t know if it’s going to work for you Border Collie?

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Have you tried local classes but your Border Collie wasn’t suited and you were sent out for being too barky and not paying attention?

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Are you at the point that you have tried all harnesses and head collars on the planet, but still nothing works?

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Have you been told “he will get used to it” but you’re still waiting for that to happen?

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Is your dog embarrassing you with barking and lunging at dogs and people on the street?

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Are you reluctant to have visitors anymore, as your dog is jumping all over them and you don’t know how to teach calm?

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Are you dreading sitting down to watch TV because your Border Collie will start throwing the toy at you, barking and not settling, making your evenings a nightmare?

I found Martina and That’ll Do Academy through her podcast Border Collie Geek; I live in the US, but the Collie Club has helped me infinitely with my reactive-to-wildlife border collie Flora.

I am learning so much through her instruction, other members’ experience, and also through watching the wealth of online training modules and webinars.

I couldn’t have done this without That’ll Do Academy!, it helps infinitely to understand your puppy through the perspective of their breed, and to learn management that integrates well into your daily life.

Annie Simpson

Ready to train your Border collie to their fullest potential?

The Collie Club will give you access to all the learning and secrets to get you through to your dog’s brain, so you can train them to be the brilliant Border Collie you know they can be.

When you join Collie Club, you’ll have access to two places… The website where you’ll get all your training material, and a Facebook Group where you’ll be part of your own private community.

Members get

16 modules (new material is added regularly) on the most important training topics

134 video tutorials

with both theory and visual learning organised in clear modules

9 webinars for a minimum of 1 h each

(with new webinars at least 4 times a year) on all the most important aspects of dog training and Border Collie behaviour

Support in a Facebook Group

this is the place where the coaching happens

Live Q&A and video analysis per week

Via Zoom. with Martina. We can discuss a specific subject, problem solve, create a training plan or do some video analysis.

Support on achieving your tricks training qualifications

with Do More with Your Dog

Some of the modules you will find are:

lead reactivity and car chasing, recall training, distance control, calming exercises, muzzle training, lead walking, tricks training and much more…

I’ve been so happy to be a member of Collie Club and I can highly recommend joining from all around the world.

The training sessions are built well, easy to start with and designed for border collies’ needs. Yet everyone can move forward at their own pace. Martina has created a positive and supportive atmosphere in the group. 💚

Mari Karakoski

Since I joined Martina’s Collie Club I have felt much more confident training my now 1-year-old BC.

As a Border Collie specialist trainer, with three of her own, there is nothing that Martina has not been able to help provide advice and training for.

The Club gives you access to private classroom discussions where you can share your own issue and also see you are not alone.

You can also see the advice given to others re specific behaviour issues. Whilst I am watching the modules Albie often watches Martina and her dogs on screen and I can then do some bits of training at the same time too! I had a bizarre issue with Albie recently and wanted to cry but I sent a video to Martina and she was able to provide immediate advice.

Not perfect yet but so much better and no more tears. I am part of a great group of BC owners and once a month we do a Zoom Masterclass where we all get together and get chance to ask questions.

I highly recommend joining Collie Club.

Thank you Martina 🙂

Carole Hulme Stronach

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Ready to get consistent online help with your Border Collie?

Join today to get access to the website where you’ll get all your training material, and a Facebook Group where you’ll be part of your own private community.

Here’s what my Border Collie clients are saying about working with me…

Skye has had 12 weeks of training with Martina and it is one of the best decisions ever made.

I was concerned about contacting a trainer, felt like I was failing Skye and knew mistakes had been made early on with her training. Martina was so understanding, never once did I feel judged, and I will never be able to thank her enough for all her support, guidance, help and advice.

We have a way to go with training but I am looking forward to continuing to work with Martina and I really can not recommend her enough 😊

Lorraine Blakeman

Over last few months Mojko & me have just completed a training course with That’ll Do Academy and it has been excellent and enjoyable.

We have both learned a lot and Mojko is far more obedient 🐶.

Korina Bulgara

Would you benefit from transforming your Border Collie like Korina has?

Join the ultimate Border Collie online club for support and help.

Need a consult first?

I offer a 2hr online consult call before you join Collie Club to help you get a training plan in place. You can then be supported with your training plan as a Collie Club member.

How and when do you get access to all this content?

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You are welcome to join the Academy at any time

If you have a question about joining the Online Academy, reach out to me at