Obedience Training

border collie obedience training

It is so hard to navigate and process all of the varied information that you may find about dog training and what is the best path to follow as there are no black or white answers – each case needs individual consideration and requirements. That being said, here is some info to help you choose which direction is best for you and your dog.

We commonly use basic obedience training for young adults, adult rescue dogs and adult dogs that need more training and new skills. These classes are on a fixed time and day.

1 to 1 training is for dogs that are proving difficult to handle and a more
bespoke approach is needed with personalised attention and support in your own environment. These classes are tailored to your schedule.

What we cover in Obedience Dog Training

Improving recall

Lead walking

Over excitement

Jumping up

Barking for attention or frustration

Chewing, digging, ruining furniture

Basic training exercises (sit, down, stay)

Tricks training (paw, roll over, sit pretty)

Off lead walking next to the handler

Improving attention and focus on the owner

Obedient Collie

You will still get your homework at the end of the session to remind you what we have done with a Trello link.

You can reach me to ask me a question during the week before you see me again.

If your life is busy and you know you won’t have time to watch online content and video your training, this is the programme for you.

jumping border collie dog

Breed specialist Martina is here to help

Happy Clients

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’We’ve been working with Martina since January, completing the Herders Bootcamp with Henry.

When we first started training Henry was not listening to instructions, chased everything that moved & even things that didn’t move. We worked together, going back to basics & building a solid foundation to progress his training. We have both learnt so much from our time with Martina!

Henry is a joy to own & our time with Martina has been invaluable.

Martina has given us so much advice & support, we are now continuing with her instruction into competitive obedience.”

– Janice & Henry

border collie training improving attention and focus on the owner
thatll do academy with martina miradoli
Obedience dog training sit down stay off lead walking

Happy Clients

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“Darling is a rescue dog with a lot of reactivity both at home and on walks.

Walks were very difficult as she would react by barking and lunging at cars, dogs, cats, people and more.

Martina taught me techniques to help Darling focus on me rather than the object creating the reactivity. Darling can now walk past cars, bikes and people without reacting and about 60% of dogs and cats but every week I see her improving.

With Martina’s continued support Darling is sure to go a lot further!”

– Sarah Geere

jumping border collie dog

Ready to get some help with your Border Collie?

Everyone's dog and situation is different - I'm always happy to chat and advise on which of my services would most help you.

If you are interested in working with me, online or face to face, the best way to reach out for help is to fill in the form on the contact page and I will get back to you.