Border Collie Specialist Trainer

border collie specialist dog trainer
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Does your dog chase cars, bikes, joggers and everything that moves?

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Is your Border collie barking, spinning or pulling on the lead?

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Do you dread your walks?

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Is your Border Collie constantly barking at everyone and everything?

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Do you feel embarrassed by your dog’s behaviour?

Help is available face to face, online and as a hybrid of the two

Training the Border Collie is my passion and speciality.

Border Collies are one of the most intelligent of dog breeds and many are eager to please and quick to learn. Yet some are very difficult for the average person to try and train. The Collie is a working dog that has been selected for generations to herd and chase. When his needs are not fulfilled his positive traits used for work can become negative in a normal pet environment.

That being said, my understanding of how the Border Collie’s mind works, my expertise and bespoke approach will help you stay one step ahead of your dog. Curbing any frustrating & unwanted behaviours allows you to enjoy your walks together without fear or anxiety.

The most common problem I help people with is chasing! Whether it’s cars, people, joggers, bikes, or basically anything that moves. If you’d like to read more about the Border Collie and chasing you can do so on this blog post.


The Herder Bootcamp is the programme with face to face and online support together, where you will have me, your trainer, in your pocket any time you need.

If you feel you need someone to guide you and extra home schooling in a form of a super complete online course where all the tutorial of the training we will do together is available, this is the program for you.

I do suggest this for Online Students and for owners whose dog behaviour is more challenging and requires careful management and progression.

The Herder Bootcamp is a minimum of 8 weeks commitment and includes:

  • 1 hour one to one per week
  • Home school in form of an online course to watch all the tutorials of the exercises we do during lesson with he rest of the family and refresh your learning as many time you need to
  • Trello Homework planner to go back to and remind yourself what you need to work on every week
  • Availability to contact me and send me videos of your training and progression during the week in between sessions via WhatsApp
  • Extra learning hours via webinars and tricks training course online
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Breed specialist Martina is here to help

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Happy Clients

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Martina has changed our lives!

Dog walks have gone from stressful and frantic to enjoyable and calm and something we look forward to rather than dread.

Our border collie Buddy was highly reactive to bikes, runners, cars, noises and really anything and everything! He hated walking on a lead and used to lunge, bark and spin in circles. We had used two other dog trainers but things only seemed to get worse.

It was a huge relief when we found Martina, she really understood the quirky ways of our border collie Buddy and instantly put our minds at ease, she was confident that with consistent training things would get better…and they did.

We were hesitant to start with as Martina was so far away and our training would have to be done via videocall but we took a risk and we signed up to the “12 week Herder Bootcamp” and we haven’t looked back!

Martina was so in tune with Buddy on the calls that she knew what was and wasn’t working, she would pick up on things that I would never have noticed and tweak games to suit Buddy who was easily frustrated. Martina was available for messages or calls in between sessions which was always a great help. At times I couldn’t see any progression but Martina always could and with perseverance, I now have a dog who can walk along the road with cars passing by and he stays calm.

Even better Buddy pays no attention to cyclists or runners, his attention is all on me!

So thanks Martina, before your training I felt completely hopeless but now on walks we have a happy and content Buddy and even happier owners.”

– Jennie Browning

The Collie Eye free webinar
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Ready to get some help with your Border Collie?

Everyone's dog and situation is different - I'm always happy to chat and advise on which of my services would most help you.

If you are interested in working with me, online or face to face, the best way to reach out for help is to fill in the form on the contact page and I will get back to you.