Ignoring Livestock: A Positive Approach

Are you concerned that your dog might pull you around when you're near sheep? Do you worry that your dog's recall isn't strong enough, especially around distractions like grazing sheep and cows? Are you unsure how to handle your young dog when taking a walk in sheep-rich areas? If you want to ensure that your dog can be handled with livestock in emergency situations, keep reading! I'm thrilled to offer a training day that equips you with the right tools and training plan to teach your dog:- A swift recall, even in the presence of movement. - The skill to ignore grazing sheep, allowing you to walk past them without a fuss. - Techniques to improve impulse control using the power of play. - Strategies for redirecting your dog's prey drive toward you instead of the environment. - An understanding of livestock welfare and your dog's needs, ensuring their happiness even without herding sheep all day. And here's the best part - we'll be practicing with real sheep! A friendly flock will assist us in applying these training techniques.   This is the start of your training journey, additional days to practise with the presence of sheep will be provided […]

Chase No More – Effective Training For Your Border Collie Instincts

s your Border Collie controlling everything that moves? Cars? Bikes? Joggers? Wildlife? Other dogs? If your Border Collie is constantly chasing after anything in motion, keep reading! Border Collies have a strong instinct to chase, herd, and control their surroundings, which can often become problematic if not properly managed. "Chase No More: Effective Training for Your Border Collie Instinct" is a transformative webinar designed specifically for Border Collie owners looking to understand and control this natural yet challenging behaviour. Join us as we delve into the roots of your dog's instinctual drives and learn how to manage them effectively with fun, positive, and engaging training methods. Key Topics Covered: - Understanding the Instinct: Learn why Border Collies have a strong need to chase and herd, and how these behaviours originate. -Preventing Problem Behaviours: Discover techniques to prevent these instinctual behaviours from becoming problematic. - Positive Training Techniques: Explore effective, fun, and positive training methods to control your Border Collie's need to chase. - Channeling Energy Constructively: Learn how to use toys, food, games, and exercises to redirect your dog's energy into positive activities that you control. Join us on 5th July at 5 pm (UK time, GMT+1) live on Zoom. […]

Collie Training Essentials

Collie Training Essentials Workshop  Unlock the Potential of Your Border Collie   Join us for a day of education, practical training, and discovery at our "Collie Training Essentials" workshop. Designed exclusively for a small group of dedicated Border Collie owners, this intensive workshop promises to deepen your understanding of your beloved collie's nature and help you harness their exceptional skills. What to Expect:  Quality Time: With a limited capacity of only 6 dogs and their humans, you can expect a lot of time for discussion, questions and training. Family members are welcome to join and learn alongside you. Understand your breed: We will talk about the breed history, use and the breed typical traits, how that influences your dog life and what we can do to make sure you Collie gets the right amount of exercise and stimulation.  Practical Exercises: Participate in hands-on exercises designed to improve your Border Collie's focus, motivation, and recall skills. We'll teach you how to channel their chasing instinct into stimulating play, making training a fun and rewarding experience.  Border Collie's Working Sheep Demo: Witness Border Collies in action as they demonstrate their herding abilities, providing valuable insights into their exceptional cognitive and instinctual capabilities. Understand […]