That’ll Do Academy 5 day challenge!

Thatll do academy Webinar about border collies training

Are you ready to start your journey to a stress free walk with your Border Collie?

I know your crazy border collie pulls and reacts to things and taking your dog out for a walk is not enjoyable:

Your arms are coming out of their sockets

Just the though of putting that lead on makes you want to go back and hide inside

Your border collie reacts to cars, dogs, movement of all sorts and you are lost as you don’t know what to do

You have tried to teach WATCH ME and your border collie doesn’t want to look at you

You have tried HEEL and still doesn’t work

You have tried a head collar, a slip lead and millions of harnesses

You just want a more focused dog

I can help you!

border collie membership academy with martina miradoli

I will give you one of my favorite exercise, the one that my dogs love most then anything and that has changed my student’s dog’s focus out and about!

During the 5 days challenge I will go LIVE every day to show you, in real time, what you can do… if it’s raining outdoor I will be indoor, you can train everywhere!

I can’t wait to help you starting your journey to a stress free walk!

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