Crazy Chasers Webinar

Do you own a Border Collie that likes to chase everything that moves?

Are you dragged around on lead as soon as a car, bike or runner goes past?

Are you dreading having your dog off lead as they will be off chasing something as soon as they see it?

Do you have a dog that has started showing interest in chasing cars and you want to “nip it in the bud” straight away?

This webinar will start you on the journey of understanding, managing and train your Border Collie on the typical breed unwanted behaviours.

Border Collie Workshops with Martina Miradoli

Your webinar contains:

Two exercises to improve focus on lead and around distractions

Two exercises to improve your recall to aim to be able to recall away from a moving object

A better understanding on the breed and why they do what they do

How to improve your training tools: toy and treats need to be valuable for your dog.

Theory and videos will be both delivered to you on the workshop so you have a visual learning experience and can start practicing with your dog following my examples

For just £22 you will receive the link to a 1-hour 50-minute online webinar to watch.