The Collie Eye Webinar with Martina Miradoli

Mark Your Calendar: Thursday 28th September & join us for an informative webinar “The Collie Eye”

Breed expert Martina Miradoli invites you to dive into the world of the Border Collie and join her to learn all about this fascinating breed.

Topics covered will include:

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I will explain the history of Collie breeds, tracing their roots and why they have been created

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breeding and selection

Gain insights on breeding and selecting Collies, understanding how their distinctive traits are shaped.
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Explore the unique characteristics that define Collies, from their intelligence and loyalty to their boundless energy and herding instincts.
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urban collie challenges

Learn about the specific challenges that arise when owning Collies in urban environments, and discover strategies to ensure their happiness and well-being.
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Expert Tips for Handling Breed Traits

Receive invaluable advice on effectively managing and harnessing Collie breed traits, especially when they manifest as challenging behaviours.
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Recall, Lead Walking, Traffic Safety, and Reactivity Hacks

Equip yourself with practical tips and techniques for mastering essential skills like recall, lead walking, and ensuring the safety of your Collie around traffic.

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If you can’t make it live the recording will be available!

The Collie Eye