Scent Detection Programme

Bond with your dog with this easy to do anywhere activity.

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You have a busy dog that needs both physical and mental stimulation, but sometimes you don’t have enough time to give both separately.

Activities like agility or fly-ball are a big commitment in time and money and also require your dog to be able to work off lead around other dogs.

Your dog is reactive to movement, reactive to other dogs and people and it’s hard to exercise them.

.. or simply you want to strengthen the bond with your dog and become a team?

Scent detection gives you all this, with minimal equipment and the chance to train everywhere.

Scent detection has proven to be beneficial to tire dogs out without giving them lots of running and also helps them keep calm and focused even in environments where normally they would be struggling.

It helps reactive and fearful dogs to feel better as it produces happy hormones and also helps you and your dog work together as a team, in challenging environments.

If you can’t make it to a workshop I’m now going to run a Scent Detection One to One Programme. This will be available from January 2023.

The 8 week subscription includes:

4 One to One sessions

Each session is 30 minutes long every other week online on Zoom. Here we discuss your training, answer your specific questions and progress your training further.

Believe me, 30 minutes of Scent Detection might not seem long, but is like doing 1-hour of training for your dog’s brain!

You can check my availability for online and face-to-face training before booking by sending me an email or checking the booking system.

A private Facebook Group

You will be added while you are working with me where you can post videos to get feedback once a week and also have monthly challenges to push your skills!

Access to a library of videos

Showing you the exercises you need to be doing and the progression that will be update while we work together.

Scentwork dog training workshop

The cost for 8 weeks of Scent Detection Program is £288
(only £36 per week).

If you are close to me and wish to do face to face session an extra charge of £40 will be added to cover venue and travel time.

You can join the Scent Detection Programme any time