Puppy Farms and Unknown sellers

May 24, 2021
border collie puppies

I hate the slogan “ don’t shop, adopt” like buying a puppy it’s criminal.

It’s not…. if you pick the right puppy and the right ethical breeder.

Buying a puppy on an advert, not seeing parents, not having health tests, collecting the puppy away from the siblings, in the middle of a road… that’s criminal.

Behind a puppy that has no paperwork it’s a criminal organisation or an individual that either stole the puppy o bought the pup from puppy farms at a low cost and is reselling to you.

My breed is the Border Collie, do you know how many genetic diseases there are in the Border Collie that can come out from the first few months or later in life?

To start with the obvious ones, hip and elbow dysplasia, CEA (collie eye anomaly) and Epilepsy. All these can cause you to spend lots of money to the vets and your pup to suffer or risking their life.

It’s important to know where you puppy is from to minimise the risk of getting any of these illnesses. It’s important to research their lines and making sure you are not buying a dog from parents that have bred serious problems before.

The DNA bundle that a good breeder should be doing to their dogs before breeding a litter will also prevent genetic issues like TNS or others that can occur in the early stage of a puppy life, sometimes even after you take that puppy home.

How can anyone sleep happily with a puppy next them knowing that they may be from a puppy farm? Have you ever seen videos or pictures of those places?

The way dogs are kept? The suffering they go through? Knowing your money are fuelling this should keep you up at night.

I keep seeing posts of people looking for their pups siblings online as they bought them from a random guy and they have no clue where they come from. In 2021. With all the information available online to research and study the risks and the source of a dog sold like that.

How can people still be so ignorant and selfish?
There is no excuses. You buy cheap, you get cheap and you will spend more money later in vet bills or even as soon as possible as most of the times those puppies don’t have vaccinations and come from a very unhealthy environment.

Martina Miradoli Border Coolie Expert Dog trainer

Hello, my name is Martina Miradoli and I specialise in training Border Collies.

I’ve owned Border Collies for many years and have trained them, along with other herding breeds in every sport and activity available.

This has allowed me to gain invaluable experience and an understanding of these unique dogs and the behavioural challenges that we may have to face as owners. 

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