Online Dog Training

Welcome to our short online dog training courses.

Don’t forget that we also offer our full border collie training programmes online if you need more support than the short courses.

Crazy Chasers Webinar

Border Collie Workshops with Martina Miradoli

Do you own a Border Collie that likes to chase everything that moves?

Are you dragged around on lead as soon as a car, bike or runner goes past?

Are you dreading having your dog off lead as they will be off chasing something as soon as they see it?

Do you have a dog that has started showing interest in chasing cars and you want to “nip it in the bud” straight away?

This webinar will start you on the journey of understanding, managing and train your Border Collie on the typical breed unwanted behaviours.

For just £22 you will receive the link to a 1-hour 50-minute online webinar to watch.

Look At That Webinar

border collie workshop with dog trainer expert martina miradoli

What is LAT?

Look At That is a game from Leslie McDevitt Control Unleashed programme and it’s my favourite and core exercise for a variety of situations and behaviours!

Teach your dog how to become a reporter, by telling you every time they see a trigger approaching, learning to start a conversation with you instead of reacting to it.

It seems like a dream but believe me, IT WORKS!

Your dog will ask you for help instead of dealing with the fear or the frustration on their own a the end of the lead.

In this webinar you will learn both theory and practise so you can start working on it straight away!

Activities For Busy Brains

Activities for Busy Brains Border Collie Webinar

Going to sheepdog training and agility is not an option for a lot of us and doing multiple sessions of ball throwing is not ideal for both body and mental well-being of our dogs.

What other activities and games can tire your Border Collie out even when you don’t have time to walk them 5 hours per day?

Mental stimulation and using their brain is what you need!

In this webinar, I will give you some ideas, teach you some games and give you general guidance on how to make sure your collie’s needs are met and you don’t have to live with an under-stimulated dog that is up to no good most of the time!

Offer Calm Instead Of Crazy

Calm border collie

Struggling with your lively collie’s hyperactive behaviour?

Tired of constant barking and jumping?

Join our webinar “Offer Calm Instead of Crazy” to teach your dog to be focused and calm.

Learn practical exercises to redirect their energy and encourage better choices at home. Train them to sit or lie down automatically, manage distractions, and create a calm environment.

Strengthen your bond and bring serenity to your home with your Border Collie. No more stress from a dog with no off switch!

Scent Detection Online Programme

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You have a busy dog that needs both physical and mental stimulation, but sometimes you don’t have enough time to give both separately.

Activities like agility or fly-ball are a big commitment in time and money and also require your dog to be able to work off lead around other dogs.

Your dog is reactive to movement, reactive to other dogs and people and it’s hard to exercise them.

.. or simply you want to strengthen the bond with your dog and become a team?

Scent detection gives you all this, with minimal equipment and the chance to train everywhere.

Scent detection has proven to be beneficial to tire dogs out without giving them lots of running and also helps them keep calm and focused even in environments where normally they would be struggling.

It helps reactive and fearful dogs to feel better as it produces happy hormones and also helps you and your dog work together as a team, in challenging environments.

Study scentwork online

You can now teach your dog to find a scent and indicate with this self-study course that will walk you through every step to teach your dog to find and indicate on a small bit of toy that you are hiding in the environment!

The course has a support group that you can use to ask questions or post videos.

For only £99 you will get access to:

3 Modules

17 Videos tutorial

Group Support