Foundations for Freedom free recall training for border collies

“The only thing I really want my dog to have is a good recall, so she can be off lead with me enjoying life!”

is what I, breed expert Martina Miradoli, said to my mum when I got my first dog and first Border Collie.

I was a beginner in the dog world, so I didn’t know what I was really doing, but I was blessed with an easy dog and she taught me a lot.

She was off-lead at 6 months old and never ever failed to come back to me!

Moss came five years later and he really taught me what it meant to earn a recall, I had to work hard, think out of the box, practice, learn from the best instructors and be patient.

After Moss I have developed a training plan for my recalls that up to now it hasn’t failed!

My students can guarantee that my recall programme works, even with movement driven dogs!

Border Collie Dog Training in Cumbria
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Join me on my puppy journey

Very soon my fifth Border Collie will join me and I want to take you with me this journey.

I’ll show you how I teach my puppy to recall and how I plan every stage of the dog’s development to make sure that even when things start going wrong, I know exactly how to go back on the right path and carry on to the end goal, a happy off lead dog.

I’m going to offer you a taster of my recall training journey, the first 5 training steps to start thinking, planning and putting the foundations for your recall training!

I’m not going to promise you a perfect recall after 5 days of FREE training as that would be impossible! But my program is fun and introduces games and concepts to help you succeed.

I’m going to give you the confidence to know what you are doing, to see the path in front of you and to start with the right foot your dog RECALL FOUNDATION!

Border Collie Dog Training in Cumbria
Border Collie Dog Training in Lancashire
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Who is this course for?

Anyone with a puppy, young dog, adolescent or a dog that is still not able to be off lead reliably.

Watch my new puppy learning the first stages of recall training, I’ll make it simple but fun!

When you don’t know how to solve an issue, going back to the foundation is sometimes the only way to make sure you haven’t missed some steps along the way!

When you sign up you will receive a link to a Facebook Group where all the training is going to happen!

Every day, from Monday to Friday I will share a training video with you PLUS I will go live to answer your questions during the week!

The Facebook group will remain open for the week after to allow everyone to catch up and to ask me questions and post videos and progression!

We are starting on the 26th to the 1st of March!

Join me and my new puppy by signing up below!

Save the date!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn directly from a breed expert, in a real life puppy training situation.

If you can’t make it live, the recordings will be available.

Foundations for freedom puppy recall