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Look At That Game Workshop: to transform your dog from a reactor to a reporter

LAT will help you with
– reactivity towards dogs or people
– reactivity towards fast moving things: cars, bikes and joggers
– distractions
– noise sensitivity
– any behaviour that is caused by your dog reacting with fear or excitement towards something

We will teach your dog to report back to you every time they see something to be rewarded, instead of lounging and pulling you around screaming.

This training game will be a transformation journey!

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Pattern Games: the power of predictable repetitions

Through predicable chain of simple behaviours, pattern games empower your dog by giving predictability, sense of security and something to focus on while the world outside you is unpredictable.

Pattern teach you and your dog to stick to something known while facing something unknown or scary, giving a clear path for mutual focus and calm understanding.

What I get sometimes is that people think pattern games are too easy… That’s IT! They are easy, they don’t require a performance so the dog doesn’t feel pressured and can remain relaxed and be rewarded for something simple.

Asking a dog to sit and not move or to look into your eyes while another dog walking past can be so difficult and intimidating for a dog that is scared of other dogs… Pattern Games makes it so much easier!

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Scentwork Workshop for Border Collies
border collie and sheep

Crazy Chasers Workshop

Do you own a Border Collie that likes to chase everything that moves?

Are you dragged around on lead as soon as a car, bike or runner goes past?

Do you have a dog that has started showing interest in chasing things and you want to “nip it in the bud” straight away?

You need immediate help but you cannot commit to 1-1 training right now?

This workshop will start you on the journey of understanding, managing and train your active Border Collie that want to chase everything that moves!

Included in the workshop:

Two exercises to improve focus on you
Two exercises to improve recall away from movement
A better lead and long line management to enjoy your walks
I will give you a plan for moving forward

You will have first booking on my weekly class for Crazy Chasers
 starting later in the year

Scentwork Workshops for Border Collies

You have a busy dog that needs both physical and mental stimulation, but sometimes you don’t have enough time to give both separate and activities like agility or fly-ball are a big commitment in time and money and also require your dog to be able to work off lead around other dogs.

Your dog is reactive to movement, reactive to other dogs and people and it’s hard to exercise them.

.. or simply you want to strengthen the bond with your dog and become a team?

Scentwork give you all this, with minimal equipment and the chance to train everywhere.

Scentwork has proven to be beneficial to tire dogs out without giving them lots of running and also helps them keep calm and focused even in environments where normally they would be struggling.

It helps reactive and fearful dogs to feel better as it produces happy hormones and also helps you and your dog working together as a team, in challenging environments.

I’m now offering workshops to introduce you to scentwork and progress you, going from the safery of our scentshed to the outside world, when your dog is ready.

Please join the Facebook Group where all info about scentwork and guest trainers too will be released or send me and email to discuss your level and book into the right workshop.

Workshops are max 2.5 long and have a max of 4 dogs working one at the time, so it’s ideal for your reactive dog that cannot work with other dogs around.

LOCATION: Brookfield Farm, Sproston Green, CW4 7LN

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Workshops for Border Collie owners in:

Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Stoke on Trent, Macclesfield, Congleton, Warrington, Nantwich, Wrexham, Preston & Bolton

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