Chill the Collie Challenge

The Border Collie Geek Community & That’ll Do Academy presents our next 5 day challenge!

Impulse controls are important in every part of the dog’s life, for recall, lead walking and leaving things that they shouldn’t have but most of the time are taught negatively.

We are going to teach impulse control in a fun and rewarding way not as a way to stop our dog’s happiness but to give it back once they offer that calm and collected behaviour that we wish they could offer a bit more often.

Chill the Collie is the challenge that is going to teach you essential skills to so that you Border Collie can offer CALM instead of :

black and tan border collie icon


black and tan border collie icon

going crazy

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jumping up

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stealing food

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sniffing and ignoring you

border collie impulse control challenge

Impulse control is the foundation of everything!

This is a foundation game that you can then apply to more complex tasks, pushing your dog’s impulse controls to the limit!

I start these games with my puppies and I build it up with my adult dogs to help me teach more complicated behaviours like:

Recall away from a distraction

Not pulling on the lead

Not chasing a squirrel

Not eating stuff from the floor

Without this basic exercise, all the tasks listed above are not possible. It’s like building a house without a foundation or learning a language without knowing grammar. It doesn’t work!

The challenge is going to be structured to give complete beginners the right start and to push the ones that already know this game to improve their dog impulse control skills.

calm puppy border collie

How will this work?

Once you have signed up on this page you will receive instructions to join a brand new pop-up Facebook Group.

The Challenge is going to start on the 12th of September and I will publish one or more videos per day to help you through the challenge.

How many videos I will post will depends on how many different levels we have in there! The more need you all need the more I will give you.

I want you to succeed and finish this challenge confident you have gained confidence in training your dog and more understanding of how impulse controls work.

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Chill the Collie Challenge