About Catherine

Hi, I am Catherine, and I am Martina’s second trainer.

Catherine Border Collie Trainer

I have been training for nearly six years. Initially as a student of Martina when my Border Collie, Freddie was a puppy. Together, Freddie and I completed Puppy Foundation, Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze and then Silver.

We also practised agility, rally obedience, and FCI obedience.

I have learned so much over the past six years about dogs: how they communicate; how pain affects behaviour; development of dogs; various canine behaviour; how they use their nose to read the environment and lots more.

As well as Freddie, we have three other dogs in our family, two cavapoos and a miniature dachshund. All with different characters. And yes, I am thinking of adding to the four!!

My passion and interest for training grew.

I became Martina’s training assistant at the weekend, supporting her in class sessions and some 1:1 sessions.

My spare time was spent, and still is spent, training Freddie and also doing my own reading on positive training methods, watching webinars, attending workshops, and completing CPD courses to further my knowledge and understanding.

In 2020, under the guidance of Martina, I started to lead puppy classes and adolescent classes for her. Then in December 2020, Martina encouraged me to go alone and in January 2021 Young Paws Dog Training was born.

When Young Paws started, I offered classes and 1:1 sessions covering puppies, adolescents, and older dogs.

Recently I have decided to focus on an aspect of dog training, and I am in the process of developing my Puppy niche, helping owners prior to getting a puppy and then supporting them up to six-month-old and then into adolescence.

Dog trainer for border collie owners Warrington St Helens Liverpool Wigan

Further Qualifications

I am also a Kids Around Dogs (KADs) Approved Trainer which enables me to help families with children and dogs; helping children understand how to behave around dogs; helping parents to prepare their dog for the arrival of a new baby/foster child/adopted child. I also help children who are fearful of dogs.

Although training is my ultimate passion, Monday to Friday I am a family support worker/mental health lead in a primary school supporting children from 3 years old to 11 years old and their families. Due to working in a school, I am fully CRB checked which is useful when my training passion and day role merge to support children around dogs.

Where can you find me?

I am honoured to be supporting Martina as her second trainer and proud to be part of That’ll Do Academy helping others with their amazing border collies.

I will be offering evening and Saturday face to face sessions, and during school holidays I will also be able to offer daytime sessions.


I will initially be covering areas around Warrington, St Helens, Liverpool, Wigan.